Using Postman for Device Configuration

Configure your brand new NexStem Headset using Postman

Step 1: Get your API Key

Head on to, and grab your API Key from the dashboard. Keep it handy, because you will need it in a while.

Step 2: Download or Open Postman

Download and install Postman, if you don't already have it. Once installed, run the Postman Application and click on Create a request.

Step 3: Get your Device ID

Turn on the headset. You can get the device ID, either from the label on the box, or just by looking at your Available Wi-Fi Networks, there will be a Wi-Fi network starting from NEXSTEM, just note down the complete SSID, that is your Device ID.

Step 4: Create Configure Request

In URL enter - DEVICEID.local/configure.

Replace DEVICEID with the actual device ID you noted down earlier.

Change the request type to POST.

Head onto the body section, choose the raw radio button, and change the content type to JSON from Text. (Refer to the video below)

The content for the body section is as follows:-


   "sub_key": "Enter your API Key here",
   "ssid": "Enter the Wi-Fi SSID to which you want the headset to connect to.",
   "pwd": "Enter the password of the Wi-Fi to which you want the headset to connect to."

The Wi-Fi network, to which you are connecting the headset to, should be 2.4Ghz network.

Step 5: Complete Configuration

Connect to Device AP (the Wi-Fi network created by the device). Once connected to that network, send the request using Postman. On success you will see a response message "POST Configure Successful", post which the headset will reboot and start flashing green, once the status LED turns pink, you can head on to your WisdomSDK Dashboard, and start building your brain computer interfaces.

  • In case, your Postman request is not successful, you can also try replacing the URL with
  • To confirm that you are connected to Device AP while configuring, you can also run the following command in your terminal - ipconfig (windows) or ifconfig(macOS and Linux).