Getting Started with your NexStem Headset

Setup your NexStem Headset using NexStem Device Manager

Step 1: Unboxing

Open the box, and bring out the carry case from the box. Unzip, and take out the headset from the case. Inside the case, you will also find: 24 dry polymer Ag/AgCl electrode and micro USB charging cable.

Step 2: Charge your headset before use

Plug the micro USB cable into the charging port located on the back of the headset, and turn on the headset. The charging status indicator LED should glow yellow, and the device state indicator LED should be blinking yellow as well. Charge until the full battery indicator LED glows green.

Step 3: Grab your API Key

Head on to  and sign in with your account. Once logged in copy the API Key shown on the right side of the Dashboard screen.

Step 4: Connect to the headset

Connect with the headset's hotspot using Wi-Fi. The SSID of the hotspot will be your Device ID, which is printed on the box.

Step 5: Configure your headset

Once successfully connected to the headset's hotspot, download the NexStem Device Manager to start configuration of your headset or alternatively use Postman.

Using NexStem Device Manager

Open NexStem Device Manager, and enter your API Key and the Wi-Fi Credentials to which you want to connect the headset to. Click Send Configuration to finish configuring your device. On success, the device will reboot, and start blinking pink after a series of green flashes.

Using Postman

Refer to the following article for using Postman to configure your device.

Step 6: Visualize your EEG

You can now head on to Wisdom Dashboard, and click connect device, and start visualizing your live EEG.